I love my my children. They have completed my life in a way I never knew was possible. 

I love jellybeans and chocolate and am almost convinced that all four food groups can be satisfied by eating candy and desserts alone.

I love animals. I have an sweet Italian Greyhound puppy who has more mischeif in his left foot than would be required in a lifetime.

I love children, their honesty and their smiles and giggles.

I love my family, in its natural and extended versions.

I love capturing memories for people and preserving them in art.

I LOVE my job.

I dislike mean people.

I dislike scary movies, even the slightly scary ones. (think “Ghostbusters” – the second not the first)

I dislike bad drivers, disrespect and judgmental minds.

My Work:

I have had a camera in my hands since Christmas the year I was 6. I begged my mother for one and then promptly shot 3 rolls of film of the squirrels eating nuts outside my window. My mother and her father were both fantastic photographers and I feel so lucky to have so many beautiful images of my childhood and family.

I started out my career in photography at 19, focusing on horses, cats and dogs. As I got older and started wishing for a family of my own I switched my focus to children. Now that I have a child of my own my skills have grown and changed as I gain new perspectives while documenting his life.